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The low slung sofa. As stylish today as back then. And they are here to stay.

It's been said every 20 years or so, fashion styles re-emerge to become de rigeur again. We tend to see that in furniture design as well. In furniture though, the height of a piece plays a fundamental role in the design. Sure there is material and finishes to consider, but the (lower) height is usually the big differentiator.

As people move toward cleaner, simpler and uncluttered lives the lowered sofa seems to compliment that lifestyle. And it has become a standard in furniture collections. It seems everyone from low to mid-range companies such as Crate and Barrell and Restoration Hardware to the higher end brands such as Minotti and B&B Italia all have a standard "low" slung sofa in all their collections. In the case of the latter, almost all sofas are seemingly floating just above the floor.


Low slung sofa


At Nicole Sassaman we use low sofas in projects all the time. Like the one we had custom built for one of our projects seen here in Century City. By eliminating visible legs our low slung sofa lends an aura of a clean, modern design sensibility that has become the standard in modern interiors. It seems everyone loves a low sofa and the seamlessly clean look!

It's hard to pinpoint as to how and where the low design aesthetic originated, but somehow I have a feeling that the futuristic, streamlined designs of the 1960s had a lot to do with it. And I have a feeling they will still be around for years to come.

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