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Spring calls for traveling and a little bit of shopping!

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we all have the tendency to spend more time outdoors. For all of us who are parents, the school spring break also gives us the opportunity to take a little vacation as well. Whether by car or airplane we like to get out and discover new places! And we all love bringing back little things, souvenirs of sorts, to remind us of our travels. Personally, when I travel I love to shop for souvenirs in art galleries, museums and eye catching furniture showrooms. 

Case in point, last April I was in Mumbai and amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, I came across SIMONE -  a gorgeous home lifestyle store housed in a beautifully restored heritage building in south Mumbai. Not sure about you, but when I travel I am conscious of bulk, so as I was meandering through the 8,000 sq foot space I was mindful of finding something that would travel well in my suitcase. I came across these stunning silk pillows, emblazoned with the word PEACE in Swarovsky® crystals on them.  I bought two - one for a dear client and one for myself. The client loved theirs and mine looks beautiful in my home. I love it when I bring back something from my travels that I ultimately can use on a daily basis and not just place on a mantel. I like to fill my home with select pieces that have meaning and carry a positive message all the while reminding me of my special trip.  I hope you enjoy the warmer weather and I wish you safe travels!

I would love to hear what your favorite souvenirs are!  Please feel free to comment below!




Peace Pillow

 Simone Home furnishings



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